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Muslin Padded underwear - Sea

Muslin Padded underwear - Sea

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Product description:

Size : 6 - 12 months

👉🏻 100% organic muslin cotton.

👉🏻 Consists of 3 layers of muslin and 1 wetness restriction layer.

👉🏻 1 wetness layer is attached to absorb urine faster.

👉🏻 Can be used as a potty training panty.

👉🏻 It absorbs 1 or 2 urine at a time without leakage.

👉🏻 Can be changed without any hurry as wetness is locked and leakage is restricted.

 How to use?

👉🏻 Can be worn as a normal panty.

👉🏻 Machine washable.

👉🏻 Sustains up to 200 washes.

👉🏻 Use mild detergent.